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Azerbaijan Visa

Citizens need an Azerbaijan visa to visit Azerbaijan, which must be issued in advance at the country's consulate or online on the website of the Tourist Visa Online.

Visa Rules

  • Visa can be issued through Tourist Visa Online.
  • When applying for a visa, we do not guarantee you a visa
  • Visa will be valid for 30 day
  • An electronic visa is an initial document allowing entry; and trips within the Azerbaijan Republic.
  • Entry may be prohibited in cases specified in the Migration Code of the Azerbaijan Republic
  • To obtain an electronic visa, foreigners and stateless persons must apply at least 3 (three) business days before the planned date of arrival at the airport of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • An electronic visa becomes invalid if it is not used during the validity period
  • Foreigners and stateless persons can apply for a new electronic visa only after leaving the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.
  • When applying for an electronic visa, foreigners with dual or multiple citizenships must choose the travel document of the country that will be used during the trip.
  • If the travel document used to apply for an electronic visa is different from the travel document used to cross the border, then the electronic visa will be considered invalid
  • An electronic visa is not stuck in the passport.
  • An electronic visa must be printed out by a foreigner or stateless person and presented with a travel document at the border checkpoint of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Foreigners and stateless persons trying to cross the border of the Azerbaijan Republic without a travel document or visa, or with an invalid travel document will be returned to the country from which they arrived without admission to the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.

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Frequently asked Questions

  • What should be the validity of the passport for applying for an electronic visa?

The validity of a passport or other travel document must be at least 3 months longer than the expiration date of the electronic visa.
  • What should be done in case of refusal to issue an electronic visa?

Foreigners and stateless persons can apply to the relevant diplomatic missions of the Azerbaijan Republic for a visa in case of cancellation / refusal to issue an electronic visa.

  • What should I do if I would like to stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan longer than the period of validity of an electronic visa?

You must contact the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Can citizens of all countries eligible for an electronic visa obtain a visa upon arrival at the border checkpoint of the Republic of Azerbaijan?

No. An application for an electronic visa must be submitted at least 3 working days before the planned start date of the trip to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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