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Dubai Visa Online & Dubai Visit Visa - Apply for Visa Online

Dubai Visa Online & Dubai Visit Visa

Dubai is a most popular tourist spot in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because of it's wealthy culture and elegant Dubai life style. Every year reach more than 6 million tourist into the Dubai. 

To visit Dubai, Tourists need to hold either a UAE tourist visa or UAE transit visa. If a tourist will not exit the UAE before visa expiry. UAE Government will forbid next time entery in UAE.

Table of Contents

What are the types of Dubai Visa Online ?
What are the requirements for Dubai Visa ?
Where to apply for Dubai Visa Online ?
What are the Dubai visas fee ?

What are the types of Dubai Visa Online ?

96 Hours Express Visa :
This visa is valid only for 96 hours from date of entry. It is called a transit visa also. Who want to stay in UAE for spending time of transit . You can get 96 Hours Express Visa Online .

14 Days Dubai Visa :
Tourists, who want to stay in the UAE for meet family or business purpose . They can apply for this visa. It's is non-renewable. Before visa validity expiry tourists need to leave UAE. else this visa can convert into the employment or residence visa than you need to pay heavy penalty around AED 5500. I would recommend to avoid penalty.

30 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa
Visa validity for 30 days from the date of issue and  non-renewable.
Visa stay validity for 30 days from the date of entry in UAE with single entry.
 Visa processing time 72 working hours.

30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa
Visa valid for 30 Days from the date of issue and non-renewable
Visa stay validity maximum 30 days from the date of entry with multiple entery. but one time you can stay maximum 30 days.
Visa processing time 72 working hours

60 Days Long term Dubai Visa
Visa valid for 60 days from the date of issue and non-renewable
Visa Stay validity 60 days from the date of entry with single entry.
Visa processing time 72 working hours

90 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa
Visa validity for 60 days from the date of issue and non-renewable.
Visa Stay validity for 90 days from the arrival date and non-renewable with single entery.
Visa processing time 3-4 working days.

90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa
Visa validity for 60 days from the date of issue and non-renewable.
Visa stay validity for 90 days from the date of arrival with multiple time entry within time valid time frame.
Visa processing time 3-4 working days.

                              Types of Dubai Visa | Dubai Visit Visa|UAE Visa

UAE offers some nationality passport holders visa on-arrival. 

Category (A)
If you are a passport holder of the below country and territory, you don't need advance visa arrangement for  visa Dubai & UAE. You just need to book flight at Dubai International Airport and proceed to immigration, where your passport will be stampped with a 30 days visit visa free of charge with 10-days grace period.

Andorra                                           Australia                                         Brunei

Canada                                            Hong Kong                                      Ireland

Japan                                               Malaysia                                          Mauritius

Monaco                                            New Zealand                                   People's Republic of China 

Russian Federation                        San Marino                                      Singapore

Ukraine                                           United Kingdom                              United States of America

Vatican City

Key Notes:

  • Citizens of the countries listed above can obtain a visa upon arrival for 30 days from the date of entry with their normal passports.
  • The visa is extendable and the total validity, if extended, would be 60 days from the date of entry.
  • Passport should be normal and valid for at least six months
  • This visa is considered a multi-entry visa, which allows the visa holder to consume the 30 day visa validity consider of whether you are inside or outside the UAE.Any number of days the visa holder stays outside the UAE would be calculated from the 40 days validity of the visa.

Category (B)
If you are a passport holder of the below country and territory, you don't need advance visa arrangement for Dubai & UAE. you just need to book flight at Dubai International Airport and proceed to Dubai immigration, where your passport will be stamped with a multiple entry 90-days visit visa that's valid for 6 months from the date of issue and for a stay of 90 days in total.

Argentina                                              Austria                                             Belgium

Bulgaria                                                Chile                                                 Croatia

Cyprus                                                  CZech Republic                               Denmark

Estonia                                                  Finland                                             France

Germany                                               Greece                                              Hungary

Iceland                                                  Italy                                                   Latvia

Liechtenstein                                        Lithuania                                          Luxembourg

Malta                                                     Netherlands                                      Norway

Poland                                                   Portugal                                            Romania

Seychelles                                              Slovakia                                            Slovenia

South Korea                                          Spain                                                Sweden


Citizens of the Europen countries listed above are also entitled to apply for a paid pre-arranged visit visa if the "on arrival 90-days visa" has been fully utilized, or if they wish to use the pre-arranged visa.

Category (C)

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens:
Gulf cooperation council (GCC), political and economic alliance of six middle eastern countries - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman . The GCC was established in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, in may 1981. The purpose of of the gcc to achieve unity among it's members based on their common objectives and their similar political and cultural identities.

As of 29 April 2016, GCC residence permit holders will need to apply for UAE Visa before arriving in Dubai.

  • No visa is required to visit the UAE.
  • Non-citizens but high level offical such as doctors,managers,engineers or public sector employees along with their families can have a 30- day non-renewable visa at all the airports in the UAE upon arrival.

Key Points:

  • Above mentioned countries citizens are eligible for visa on arrival using their normal passports.
  • The visa which will be issue is not renewable.
  • Passport should be valid for at least 6 months.
  • 90 Days visa on arrival must be consumed 180 days from first entry
  • Indian citizens with valid visa and passport(Student Visa or Green Card) can obtain a 14 days visa on arrival.
  • As of 1 May 2017, Indian nationals holding a normal passport valid for a minimum of six months from the arrival date and a visit visa or green card issued by the USA which is valid for a minimum of six months, can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days for a chage of AED 120. 
    They can apply to extend their stay for an additional 14 days for AED 250 (Subject to charge)
*** Tourist can contact our support team : +91-8178767972 to check the validity or visa status in UAE & Dubai. 

What are the requirements for Dubai Visa ?

  1. Passport should be valid for at least 6 months.
  2. Round trip airline ticket should be confirmed.
  3. Stay in UAE hotel booking proof. 
  4. What is purpose of visit UAE & Dubai. (Sometimes, they ask during immigration )
  5. Tourists from all the other counties must apply for a visa before they enter the UAE & Dubai. They can apply from  Dubai Visa Online or a local UAE sponsor.
Documents required for Dubai visit visa

  1. Complete application form
  2. Copy of sponsor's passport and family member's passport. (If you don't have sponsor in UAE apply from tourist visa online portal)
  3. If sponsoring a spouse,marriage contract attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs or UAE Embassy is required.
  4. If sponsoring childern,attested birth certificates are required.
  5. If working in public sector,attested job contract if sponsor works in private company /salary certificate.
  6. travel insurance is required.

Where to apply for Dubai Visa Online ?

If you are a passport holder from category A ,B & C above listed countries than you can obtain visa on arrival.

Rest of countries passport holders need visa before travel to Dubai & UAE.
You may contract us : http://www.touristvisaonline.  We provide visa online for all countries without any sponsor in UAE  with minimum cost of Dubai visa as well as within 72 hours visa on your mail.
Once you have to apply visa with us . we provide a visa reference number with help of  Track Dubai Visa Online

Apply Dubai Visa | Dubai Visa Visa

Dubai Immigration Procedures
An an added security mesaures, IADIA are now conducting random eye screening for visitors to Dubai airport.

Visitors asked to proceed for eye screening are required to present a hard copy of their visa or a printed version of the visa number confirmation page at the screening counter. If you don't have a copy with you, a charge of AED 30 per copy applies - Payable only in AED.

What are the Dubai visas fee ?

96 Hours Express Dubai Visa

  • 280 AED ($ 75)
14 Days Dubai Visa
  • 334 AED ( $ 91)
30 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa
  • 334 AED ($91)
30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa
  • 664 AED ($ 181)
60 Days Long term Dubai Visa
  • 664 AED ($ 181)
90 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa
  • 734 AED ( $ 200 )
90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

1. When can I apply for a visa ?
I advise to apply for a visa less than 2 months before you travel. You can apply minimum four working days before your travel date.

2. How will i receive my visa ?
All visas are electronic visa (e-visa) send via mail. You don't need to visit UAE embassy . You just print out and present it at the immigration desk.

3. Do I have need to stamping before I travel ?
You don't need any stamping . An e-visa is issued by embassy is a official visa.

4. Do children need a visa ?
Yes,  All passengers, including children you must have a valid visa to enter in the UAE. 

5. Do I need OTA (OK TO Board) ?
You don't need if you travel from Emirates Airlines. else you need OTA.

6. How many days it takes to get my visa ?
Upon submission of complete documents and requirements , visa is issued within 72 working hours after application. Please also note Dubai visa approval is subject to embassy approval. 

7. What is the security deposit, and will I have to pay it ?
The security deposit is amount payable by residents of certain countries, and will be refunded after you left the UAE before your expiration visa. Tourist Visa Online Agency will release your security amount within 4 international working days.


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